Windshield wiper blade inspection and replacement
On the road, visibility is essential when it's raining or snowing. That's when the performance of your wiper blades becomes critical. Starting to see streaks or smears on your windshield when you turn on your wipers? Are they cracked, peeling or brittle? Time to replace them. Visit your local Quick Lane® and have our experts inspect your blades. If you need a new set, we have quality replacements in stock from trusted names including Motorcraft.® And we'll be glad to top off your washer fluid.

When did we start seeing clearly?
Wiper blades became a standard feature on all North American cars in 1916.

Advantages of Motorcraft® Wiper Blades
  • Choose from four unique types in a range of sizes for any seasonal need
  • Many include a wear indicator that changes from black to yellow when it's time to replace

Motorcraft® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.